Free Classes, Ongoing Wellness Support, Biz Guidance


Free Classes & 1:1 Consultations

Sharing what I've learned about essential oils and how they can make such a positive impact on our health and emotions is what I absolutely love to do. If you are in Victoria, B.C., Canada, or the surrounding area, get in touch with me for a free class. We'll go over essential oil basics, dive a little deeper into the science behind it, and (best of all) you'll have a chance to smell and experience the top 10 doTERRA oils for yourself. If you don't live in my area, we can still connect via email, a phone call or (my favourite) a Zoom video call. I can even send a few samples in the mail to you.

If you host the class in your home or workplace and invite guests to come along, you'll receive a gift of your choice. If you prefer to discuss your health concerns in a private 1:1 consultation, this service is also completely free of charge. Either way, there is no obligation to make a purchase, but chances are that once you hear about all the things essential oils can do for you, you'll want to get started.

Essential oils are for everyone! Although women tend to lead the decisions regarding health in many households, there is no reason why men can't benefit from the knowledge and experience of this natural medicine. This is not about "pretty smells" but science, healthcare, and feeling your best (bringing your A-game) every day. Who doesn't want that?


Ongoing Support + a Great Community

When you sign up through my doTERRA page to enrol as either a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate, not only will you be starting on a path to optimal wellness, you'll also have my full ongoing support. That is a big difference between buying your oils from a retail location and purchasing doTERRA through a Wellness Advocate. A week or two after you receive your first order, I will be in touch so we can review how to use the oils and you can let me know if there are any specific health concerns you want to address. I'll give you lots of tips and suggestions and answer any questions you have. I'll also guide you to the right resources to find things out on your own.

I am very lucky to be part of the HOL:FIT team, led by Ange Peters. She's kind of a big deal in the natural health world. Her generosity to this team through free educational and motivational programs is vast and valuable. It's an incredible community of warm and caring, high-vibe, health minded people. Guess what? When you enrol with me, you are also part of this team! You can choose to be as connected (or not) as you like. If private Facebook groups and motivation isn't your thing, no problem, but if you're ready to connect with some amazing women (and an increasing number of men) from around the world, it's there for you.


Are you Interested in Building a Business with doTERRA?

Do you want to be part of a movement that educates and empowers others? Do you love helping people and feel great when you know you've made a difference in someone's life? Are you looking for freedom to set your own schedule, work from anywhere, and build a residual income that will help you meet your financial goals, and even far exceed them?

If you said YES to some of those questions, and want to align yourself with a company of the highest integrity who is making the world a better place one drop at a time with natural products of the highest quality, then becoming a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA might be for you. Everything you need to get started: support, education, training and mentoring is all provided for you. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are willing to learn, grow, and put in a consistent effort, your success is limitless.

The first step is becoming a customer and using the oils. You can start as a Wholesale Customer and upgrade your account (at no charge) to be a Wellness Advocate once you've learned how to use the oils and are confident that you want to share them with others. Some people just want to be able to have their own monthly purchases paid for, and others want to replace and surpass their current income from a full time career. The choice is up to you.

Working with me, and the other members of the HOL:FIT team, will provide you with all the tools you need to grow your business. If the idea of becoming an Essential Oil Educator speaks to you, let's get in touch so I can answer any questions you have and help you go in the right direction.